Preguntas frecuentes que hacen los clientes antes de tomar un curso.

Each level of our one on one classes lasts 80 academic hours, in group classes they last 120 academic hours. The students can choose the amount of classes they take per week, according to their availability.

On average each level takes 6 months. However, students have a maximum of 12 months to do it.

With our only services, you can book your classes from anywhere in the world.

Face to face lessons can be booked in Bogota, Medellín, Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cali.

  1. Choose one of our packages.
  2. Decided to take your classes online or in person.
  3. Take our online Placement Test.
  4. Tell us your schedule of preference and the amount of classes you’d like to take.
  5. Receive our confirmation email with class materials and teacher information.
  6. Start your course!
  • Online resources to practice speaking and listening skills.
  • Grammar book to provide any structure to the classes.
  • Audio and video resources as a complement.
  • Cultural content to learn a language in a non formal environment.

With our online placement test. This test has two parts:


  • Written Test: Grammar and Structure.
  • Speaking Test: Pronunciation, accent, vocabulary and listening.


Once you complete the test, we send you the results via email.

These are the main characteristics of our group classes:

  • Students have the same level.
  • Fix schedules (Chosen by the students)
  • Online classes
  • Up to 6 students per class.

TGS accepts credit and debit payments online. You can also transfer directly to the institute’s bank account.

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