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Preguntas frecuentes
  • How do the group courses work?

    The group courses of Tgs company are for companies or individuals. These courses are an economical alternative for people who are interested in taking lessons together. However, there are some requirements:

    1.The people in the group should have a similar level or the same.

    2. The schedule must be the same and suitable for all students.

    Tgs company suggests a maximum of eight people per class.


  • How do I know what my level is?

    Too easy. On our website you can perform a classification test, or if you prefer, you can submit an exam with our tutors. The result of the exam shows you which is the best level to star the course.


  • What materials are used for the development of the class?

    We have materials in digital format. We work with with books based on business contexts, travel  and everyday context s that are ideal for learning. Each course has content based on the student’s level.

  • How are our classes?

    Tgs offers two types of work, classes at your place of convenience or at our premises. In the first, the tutor goes to the student’s office, his home or to the place that the student requires, and the second type, the student comes to our office. In both cases, a work plan is developed according to the level of the student.

  • Where does Tgs provide services in Colombia?

    Tgs company currently provides services in Bogota, and will soon be opening in Medellin. However, lessons can be taken nationally and abroad through digital platforms such as Skype.

  • How long does each course last?

    Each level of our courses lasts 75 hours. These hours can be scheduled according to student’s availability. The average time for each level is six months. However, students have a maximum of twelve months to do it.


  • Lo que nuestros estudiantes piensan de nosotros
    • I´ve learnt Spanish with TGS Idiomas for the last 3 years here in Bogota. I like my lessons because I can practice my speaking skills, improve my pronunciation and learn…
      Maggie Yu, Taiwan
    • Yo he estado estudiando español con TGS Company por casi un mes. A mi me gustan las lecciones. Cada lección es diferente pero todas son divertidas y desafiantes.
      Michael Laffey
    • The lessons incorporate a perfect balance of vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension, conversation skills, and writing/grammar exercises.
      Ellen and Tim Murphy
    • Gracias a los servicios que Tgs Company me ha ofrecido durante un año y medio me he podido desenvolver con el idioma.
      Camila Marulanda
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